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Miami (February) and New York (June and December)
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Contact for dates in 2021-2022: Mr Manoj Puthiyetath, Cell: 416-994-9993

The 1 year program towards Fellowship is undertaken in 3 modules. You will be able to start cases (T&C applies) after the first module and follow it up through the course. The astute participants gets a specially designed course whereby they are directly given AFO New York Fellowship certification. AFO provides you with the most complete handson orthodontics training courses!

This 1 year course is intended for dentists who have little or no experience in orthodontics and want to learn to incorporate it into their practices or progress from removable appliances to a comprehensive, fixed technique. This is a one-of-a-kind, hands-on course which will help you to increase your practice base. This course also comes with a free 5 year post-course mentoring (after 2nd module).

Certificates and Accreditation

What you get from the Course

1. Course Manual

2. DVD with Lecture and Practice Videos

3. 5 years free post course mentoring for all your cases (after 2nd module)

4. Access to clinical photographs, patient searchable databases and Course videos online

5. AFO New York Fellowship certification

6. Free Ceph Software

1 Year Clinical Fellowship Course in Orthodontics

AFO New York presents the Clinical handson Fellowship certificate course in the Orthodontics.

Start with own Patient from bonding to end of treatment

3 modules  Р5-6 months interval between each module

Time: 10.00 AM TO 5.00 PM each day


Module 1 – July 6 to 9, 2019 – Course Fee 2400 CAD

1. Introduction to AFO Course Philosophy

2. Growth and Development

3. Biomechanics

4. Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

a. Extra oral examination / Habits

b. Intra oral examination

c. Photography in Orthodontics and Model Analysis

d. Cephalometrics & Ceph Tracing

5. Space gaining

6. Straight Wire Appliance

7. MBT System

8. Armamentarium

9. Banding and Bonding

10.Anchorage Control


12.Retention and Relapse

13.Hands-on Typodont – Full mouth Banding, Bonding, Wire placement and Wire removal

14.Interceptive Orthodontics

15. Functional Orthodontics with special emphasis on Twin Block

Module 2 (2-3 days) – Course Fee TBD

1. Biomechanics in Detail

2. Wire-Bending exercises

3. Case Discussion & Follow-up

Module 3 (2-3 days) – Course Fee TBD

1. Orthodontic Mini Implant (TAD)

2. Begg’s Technique

3. Tip-Edge Technique

4. Damon Technique

5. Realistic Treatment PhilosophyTM

6. Case Discussion & Follow-up

Case Review & Post-Course Mentoring No extra charges will be levied for the post-course mentoring of all new and in-progress cases for a period of 5 years. This post course mentoring is the unique highlight of the course as this will allow the participant to discuss their cases as the treatment progresses. After registration to the course, the participants can select patients in their clinic and bring the cast and photographs with them for the course so that they can start on the patients when they get back to their clinics (please contact us for the details).

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